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James Muhia – Winner Outstanding Young Male Alumni

james muhiaJames Muhia was the president of the Strathmore University student council 2011 and has been a good ambassador of Β the university.


  1. I personally find James Muhia Kaberere(a cousin of mine) gifted and interesting. Unlike some highly gifted, intelligent and connected workers in high profile institutions, he fears and loves the Almighty God without fearing what his contemporaries or others would say. he is humble, unassuming and willing to share knoledge and resources. A friend to many, he has his own sense of humour.
    Jimmie, as we popularly know him, loves his mum and family fervently and is not ashamed of that…blessed the lady whom God, our match-maker will place on and send to Jimmie’s path as he searches (for)the right partner.
    Keep up James and may our dear and loving and majestic Father and God keep blessing you and family and people for many, many days………..

  2. It was a great Honour ever meeting you James, you are an outstanding young achiever and highly blessed. you are are a role model to so many and still my inspiration, may the almighty continue to bless you at every step that you make to attain your full purpose in this world!!!!!

  3. An astral your are.
    James Muhia is kind of a person who set eyes on the ball and never loses focus. Never ambivalent on what he wants, and not only for himself but for the good of the people he represent. A God fearing person who uphold family values and also supportive of the community. He is sincerely kind of the a leader this country need. Thanks to the family, community and most of all, strathmore university for enriching his brilliant minds with the right information we all in need of.

    I stand behind James Muhia because I believe in him, his vision and I have seen what his capable of. God bless you James.

  4. he was my affable cop back in hiskul. i remember his gud command of the queens tongue

  5. Francisco Achwoka

    As one of the pioneer representatives of The Student Council, I was honored at the continued integrity and zeal with which James exerted himself to the affairs of the office.
    You are truly phenomenal !

  6. James, keep the momentum and the trajectory, keep the vision and the values – the mark of a great man! You are truly outstanding!

  7. One of the few who are proud of who they are and are not afraid to share who they are with the world. Remain Grounded and Inspiring braza. New generations will be reading about you soon!

  8. Ok here comes another one, and you know what! just go for it, we are behind you & wish you all the best.

  9. future president
    ,,i know one the moment i see him

  10. You’re such an icon of inspiration James. May you continue shining out there.

  11. A great guy from high school all the way

  12. James was three years ahead of me in secondary school. As the prefect in charge of the Assembly hall, he treated each of us (then in form one) with a lot of fairness and respect. He was loved among the unlovable yet he never compromised the standards of the work required of us.

  13. Joseph James Dimba

    James was my church/school/hood mate and a brillant young man whom I sometimes lent notes but never coins in campus in his pursuit of Bcom studies.He was locally accepted within the universty and stood out as an ethical mind in and out of school.He was easy to relate with and had his unique way with words with or without a microphone in hand that saw him earn a high sit in the elusive student council.
    James is a deserving candidate for the esteemed alumni reward.

  14. I recently interacted with James on a work related assignement and can comment as follows;

    he is pleasant and professional in approaching his work.
    He was friendly and tactful and would recommend him for the position

  15. Hey james!! Keep up with the good work. You have always practiced good leadership ever since I knew you πŸ™‚

  16. James, you are a great man, a role model. You deserve this award.

  17. James Muhia is a good friend who doesnt discriminate, very accomodative . He sounds and acts like a leader.Hes a go getter. Someone that loves God. I know he is going places. May you shine in everything you do.

  18. I got to know James, albeit for a short time in one of the professional firms he has worked for. James is not only outgoing, but is easily like-able- a hard and smart worker. His enthusiasm and positive approach to life are a charm. Keep up the good work. I am convinced you will get this award. All the best.

  19. Muhia is an amazing gentleman. This guy’s humility and spirit of service for others is humbling. While serving as the first ever Strathmore Student Council chair, he took it so well and served without boundaries and set precedence where there was non. God bless you James. You are a great man.

  20. I met James at an ACCA seminar in Sankara where he was a speaker. He proved to me to be most enthusiastic, involved and certainly someone I learned quite a bit from! He also was most approachable and and inspired me to shadow him.

  21. I knew James early this year and i liked him first glance i set on him, i have tried to compare him with several other great people but he is still ahead by far. Humble, kind and generous. Infact he is my role model!

  22. I met James when he was collecting salary survey data. Instead of spending 30 min, I ended up giving more than two hours; I can see talent from a mile away and James has it!

  23. Joshua Njung'ei

    Amazing guy James is… good prefect back in high school… superb diction… great communicator and a natural leader… Way to go James!

  24. I wish double voting was valid. james and Laban were one of the key strong partners of El Club.
    Kudos to both of them.

  25. We are in the lead JAMO..!!

    regards …Hans*

  26. U truly deserve it James, u do have leadership qualities.May God grant you ,your heart desires.

    From your nursery school & primary school mate.


  27. Well done James. You are an icon, now and in the future. You have been a role model to many and many identify thmselves with you. Go and teach teach the world!

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