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Highlights on the Alumni constitution

rolled-scroll-1024x768As we prepare to launch the Alumni Association, some of the highlight of the proposed constitution are:

  • The Strathmore University Alumni Association is the single organization for all constituency alumni associations and groups of the University.
  • The Association shall be registered as non-profit company limited by guarantee and having no share capital.
  • The Association is granted permission by the University to use all official Strathmore University names, symbols or other identifying marks in its communications, marketing or other representations to the public.
  • The University endorses the use of campus facilities, space and other privileges as granted to other support departments in the University to conduct the business of the Association.

Officers of the Association

  • The Officers of the Association shall be the Chairperson, the Deputy Chairperson, the Secretary and the Treasurer all, of whom shall serve without salary.
  • The Officers shall normally hold office for a period of up to three years and may be reappointed for a further term of office not exceeding three years. The procedure for appointment of the Officers is given in Section10 of this Constitution.

Procedure for the Appointment of the Officers of the Association

  • A call for nominations shall be issued by the Executive Director of the Association, through the Association’s web site, to members with e-mail addresses and in appropriate newsletters/magazines of the Association.                  
  • All members shall be entitled to place one nomination.  Nominations should be submitted to the Executive Director at the University’s main mailing address.
  • The Alumni Association Nominations Committee will review all nominations received against the requirements for each Office and recommend to the University Council one or more names for each position for consideration for appointment as Officer of the Association. The University Council will appoint the required Officers from the list of nominees.
  • There shall be a Board of Directors which shall be called the Alumni Council.

The Alumni Council shall comprise:-

a)      Chair of the Association

b)      Deputy Chair of the Association

c)      Secretary of the Association

d)      The Treasurer of Association

e)      Chairpersons of registered  college or school  alumni associations, alumni clubs, networks and other alumni groups each with a relevant interest in each of the University’s faculties/schools, or other  campus constituencies.

f)       The Executive Director of the Association ex officio

g)      Chairperson of the Student Council ex officio

h)      Up to 5 co-opted members of the Association.

Annual General Meeting: The Association shall hold an annual meeting for all members at such time and place as shall be fixed by the Alumni Council or Executive Committee.

The Association shall sponsor the solicitation and collection of an Annual Fund each year for the benefit of the University.

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