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Geoffrey Thuku Kobia

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Geoffrey Kobia, 25, has quit his high flying job with the multinational General Electric to make his debut in Kenyan politics.While many of his age mates are trying to make an inroad in their careers, Kobia has quit his job to contest for governor in Nairobi.

The second born in a family of four, Kobia graduated from Strathmore University in 2006 with a first class Bachelor of Commerce degree.

He was born and raised up in Nairobi’s Eastlands where he attended a primary school in Dandora before joining Dagoretti High School.

Kobia, who says he understands what Nairobi needs, will vie for the seat on a Narc ticket.He says he used to hawk clothes when he was in secondary school to supplement the little pocket money his parents could spare him.

After school, his mother, a second hand clothes trader at Gikomba market, helped set him up a ‘mitumba’ stall on Kapiti Road in Nairobi’s South B estate.

On joining the university, Kobia says he left the stall to a friend who abandoned it for other interests.

Kobia will be facing off with former Mumias Sugar Company managing director Evans Kidero, businessman Jimnah Mbaru and outgoing Embakasi MP Ferdinand Waititu.

“Politics is a risky affair. It was not easy to convince my family of the decision as some of them are yet to accept. To them l am better off in the corporate world,” he says.

Being a valued employee, the company has given Kobia a sabbatical to make his political debut.

First hired by General Electric as a commercial analyst when he was still at the university, Kobia was last year promoted to commercial development manager in charge of healthcare, managing the East African region.

He was instrumental in the coordination of the Kenya Vision 2030, where he oversaw health development infrastructure and the modernisation of the railway transport system.

Kobia says he left his job because he wants to infuse change in the management of the public sector, especially in Nairobi.



  1. Francis Otieno Onyango

    This article written is a tip of the iceberg, Geoffrey Thuku Kobia is a very close friend of mine and is not a politician rather a self made businessman and a man to watch. He has started very many businesses and projects some of which have taken shape while others are in the pipeline. I will not be surprised to see Geoffrey as one of the richest kenyans around. He has taught me the crucial tricks for survival in business and the aggression required to maintain and grow a business empire. I know you are definately the most outstanding allumini irrespective of the poll outcome. I urge you to vote for him and sometime in the near future you will remember these words.

    • I have no words for you Frank. When I talk about real friendships, what I share with you is more than that. I really appreciate the far we have come from and to be sincere even the sky will not limit us. All this is to the glory of God.
      I know that there are many people out there who are trying to start businesses and would benefit from the small experience that I have acquired over time. I have started many companies, some have died a “natural death”, some are struggling whereas others are very successful. If you are in the process of starting you empire we could share some thoughts for FREE. is where to get me.

    • The most humble man alive i know is Jeff Kobia.God bless you friend may your feet always step on grounds that are favoured by the Lord.

  2. Go Kobia, you inspire me and kenyan youth

    • Damaris am humbled. However, I would like to say that I have not done this alone. With support from God and good citizens like you we can even go further. Thanks for the kind sentiments

  3. Good lucky,you will the face of Africa in near future to bring your ideas to develop this beatiful country of ours,and you will be centre of excellence in whateve you want To acheive in building youth confindence in life.


    I haven’t known you for a long time but i would feel some unique potential that would be an asset for this Country in a big way

  5. Silvesterkwame Asuka

    Jeff is a star in the making. he made sure even the weakest student in our class passed by committing his time to tutor them [for free]. A real class act. Big up

  6. Smart, Energetic, Ambitious, Hardworking, Responsible are just but a few words that I can use to describe you. Everyone who has met you can attest to the fact that you are a brilliant young man and I dare say a living legend. You are not afraid to tread where others haven’t and that courage my friend will take you very far. You are not only determined to be all that God created you to be but you also challenge those around you to be the best that they can be; that is the definition of a truly leader. While there are greater things to come in your life, you will always be remembered as the 25 year old who defied all odds to stand against seasoned politicians in the race for Nairobi Governor. Endelea na moyo uo huo GREATER THINGS ARE COMING YOUR WAY!!!!

  7. Maxwell Mwangi Maina

    Man. ‘You are who you think you are’. That is exactly what i have learnt from you. That even if i make mistakes in my career, i can always step up nd go forward. That is not the only thing i have learnt from you. If i could write books about them, I would fill a whole library.
    Well, they say that success is not built by individual efforts alone but by knowing that your responsible for others dreams. I have always watched your steps so i can walk in them, with my shoulders high knowing that someone walked in and was successful.
    May God enlarge your territories my Bro..

  8. I have never met Jeff.But i have searched more about you young man.I have the confidence that you can make it in everything you pursue.All needed is self-confidence and the devotion to serve.Be the leader that you aspire and develop responsibility for the leadership post we the citizens are yet to trust you with.

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