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First Ever All SU Alumni Gala Dinner and Awards 2016

All Strathmore University Alumni Gala Dinner and Awards 2016

It was the first ever event of its kind, the glitz, the glamor, the décor, beyond the expectation of any.  On a warm Friday evening of November, the All Alumni Gala Dinner brought people of all ages, gender, and course back together after years of absence.

The two part night at the classic Crowne Plaza opened with a beautiful cocktail under the stars. The terrace opening up with the beautiful and elegant fairy lights which lit up the skies like the day. The beautiful and handsome guests began to arrive just as the sun began to set, adorned in African attire from all corners of the continent, the Swahili leso, the Nigerian Agbada and Buba radiant with vibrant colors.

The night was kicked off with an African traditional performance by acrobats and traditional African dancers, the smooth sway and move to the beat creating a scenic mood of nostalgia to the days of perfect relaxation on a beautiful Kenyan coast. The riveting Masters of Ceremony, Juliet Kabui and Jamal Mohamed, prompted a lively night with entertaining scripts full of creativity and passion. The cocktail was served in abundance as the dinner prepping was finalized on the second part venue.

Dinner was served at 8pm, while the guests were ushered into the ballroom by the exquisite African dancers and the stylish, beautiful and sophisticated ushers. Dinner began with a round of introduction, so as to engage the guests and the room sprung with laughter and cheer as many reminisced about their years in Strathmore. The endless echo of voices, murmuring and excitement were felt all through the room as the diversity within the room ensured this.

As the night progressed, the current chairperson of the alumni association Mr. Anthony Ndegwa began with a riveting speech on the importance of the alumnus to the university and the importance of the university to the alumnus. The silence within the room echoed the gravity of his speech and the captivating words which ushered the beginning of the all alumni chapter. Second to this, was the DVC, Prof Isael D’silva whose charm and charisma left all in the room smiling, His speech echoing what was said by Mr. Ndegwa, and further urging the alumnus to each take on a challenge of envisioning a better tomorrow together as the Strathmore Community.

The night slowly grew heavier with laughter and comfort as many began to feel a surge of excitement because of the awarding ceremony and the raffle. Many alumni were recognized for their efforts and dedication in keeping the Strathmore spirit flying high. This achievement is beyond any because a relationship with your Alma Mata reflects greatly on the selflessness of many.

The cheer, hurrah, and music steered the night into full swing with the curtain drop on the official unveiling of the Strathmore University Alumni Association, launched by the DVC, Prof Isael D’silva, Mr. Anthony Ndegwa, Mr. Eric Saulo, and Miss Janet Mackenzie.

At the end of a wonderful night, the closing was done in style with song and dance as is African tradition!



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