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Annual Fund

IMG_1880The Annual Fund is an organized effort to obtain donations on a yearly basis to support, at least in part, some operations of the university e.g. scholarships. The Annual Fund is supported by a variety of the university’s constituents e.g. alumni, current students and friends. This is one of the most important ways in which we are able to support the university’s mission. The donations are usually unrestricted income (for scholarships in general) or restricted income (for a particular scholarship fund).

The Strathmore Alumni Annual Fund 

The University is planning an annual fund campaign to raise funds for scholarships in the university. This campaign is targeting all alumni some of whom have expressed interest in supporting specific scholarship funds. The funds collected during this fundraising campaign will be applied to any of the following funds which form part of the Alumni Annual Fund

1. The General Alumni Scholarship Fund – for those who do not specify particular funds

2. Dr. Jim McFie Fund – restricted to supporting students sponsored by Dr. McFie

3. The Elimisha Stratizen Fund – a students’ initiative to raise funds for their fellow students who are in need

4. The Alumni Endowment Fund – some alumni have pledged to create Scholarship Funds that will last in perpetuity

The purpose creating/segmenting the above funds is to respect the wishes of those alumni donating to the university

The Scholarship Campaign

In the next five years, Strathmore would like to offer 820 additional scholarships to provide opportunities for those students who would otherwise miss an opportunity due to financial need.This will increase from 6% of student population on financial assistance to 20% at the end of the campaign. Another important aspect is that Strathmore can attract students from all over the country.

We still need to increase the amounts spent if we are to increase the number of students receiving financial assistance.

We are asking to alumni to make monthly contributions starting from KShs 500. We hope that we can raise KShs 5 million in 2014.

We appeal to you to donate generously according to your means.  No amount is too small. The strength of Annual Giving lies in the regular participation of many persons year after year.

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